Nancy Lukas
Nancy is a talented card reader who has been reading tarot and oracle cards for more than 25 years. She lets the
cards you choose set the stage to shape the story of what your higher self and guides want you to know. She then
channels masters and guides to impart messages that will move you forward in practical and positive ways. In
addition to her intuitive gifts as a reader, Nancy is a trained therapist and life coach who enjoys combining all skill
sets to provide a well rounded approach to guiding you along your spiritual path.

All Readings are 15 minutes for $35.  If you book in advance online - recommended - there is an additional charge of $1.50 per
Reading for the processing. To book a session, choose the time slot you would like below and click on the Add to Cart button for
Paypal.  You need not have a Paypal account, they will accept your credit card information.

CALL Christina for RESERVATIONS if you are unable to book
online! 908-638-9066
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